The erivo is your practical and reliable companion for small and big adventures. It always provides you with just the right level of support. Start dreaming about destinations again instead of worrying about the journey.

Stay mobile.
In top shape.

In top shape.

The erivo rides just as dynamically and superbly as it looks. Its elegant design and colors as well as the high-quality workmanship set new standards in terms of design. Despite its excellent seating ergonomics and driving characteristics, the erivo is handy, lightweight – and really chic.


Keep rolling.
Effective rear wheel suspension combined with pneumatic tires ensures outstanding ride comfort. The large front wheels are totally puncture-proof, offer good shock-absorption properties and support you optimally in overcoming obstacles.

perfect fit.

The perfect fit.
With sophisticated ergonomics, high-quality foam and first-class workmanship, the erivo provides a pleasantly relaxed seating experience and good support at all times. So you can enjoy every minute of your trip, even if this takes longer. Fortunately, sufficient provisions fit into the practical bag.
Come a little closer.
Come a little closer.

Come a little closer.

The control unit can be swiveled to the side and the armrests can be folded up. The height-adjustable footrest can also be swiveled. So you can drive up to tables without restrictions or easily change places – and be close to your loved ones.

Till the stars come out.

Till the stars come out.
With the erivo, you are always there when there is something to experience. And for as long as you want. With its powerful battery, the erivo has a range of up to 22 miles. So you can also enjoy the evening hours carefree and with sufficient support.


Folded with just one hand and just as easily unfolded if necessary.

With your erivo, you are always there when there is something to experience.

Can be stored in small spaces and taken on trips.

Unfold experience.

Steering is child’s play.

The intuitive joystick enables you to control the erivo extremely precisely. At the same time, it offers infinitely variable and precise travel speed control. This allows the erivo to navigate safely in tight spaces as well as to play tag with the grandkids in the park.
Well advised.

Well advised.

We take time to dispense good and detailed advice, so that you can enjoy erivo in the long term.

erivo Service Team